The beautiful words of this hymn were written by Leslee Preece. They were based off of Elder Deiter F. Uchtdorf's talk in the April 2018 General Conference entitled, Behold the Man.


Sheet music is available for free download.


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Behold the Man!


1. Behold the Man, our Savior, Lord.

The doorway to life’s greatest joys.

Behold the Man, the Son of God,

The balm to life’s despairing noise.


When lost, forgotten, filled with pain,

When in despair, and doubt remains,

Behold the Man; who’s comfort, real,

Our eyes will dry, our hearts will heal.


2. Behold the Man; He sees us when,

Encompassed by earth’s toils and grief.

Behold the Man, our Advocate,

His loving succor brings relief.


To those who faint He sends His might;

He lends His power to fight the fight.

When truly we behold the Man,

We see the promise of His plan.


3. Behold the Man, who’s grace uplifts;

Gives meaning to our journey here.

He pours His spirit over all,

And fills our souls with joy and cheer.


When we behold in every hour,

The gift of His Atoning power,

A blessed future waits in store,

Deep lasting peace forever more.

Behold the Man! sheet music