The words of this song bring tears to my eyes, especially since I have become a mother, myself. How much did Mary know about her son? Did she understand what would ultimately be required of her baby and what would ultimately be required of her? Maybe she wanted to cuddle Him and protect Him for just a bit longer before all of humanity needed Him.


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O, babe of mine upon my breast,

What promise is thine in thy quiet rest. 

Thou cries like any babe in need,

For a mother's love, my son doth plead.


O, babe of mine cannot thou stay

Within these arms, never go away. 

Is love or pain beyond the door?

Will a mother's love protect thee more.


My child, my child, my blessed child,

The world is awaiting the truth from thee.

My child, my child, my blessed child.

Go with His care if this must be.


Just once more I'll hold thee near. 

A mother's song whispers in they ear.

Sleep my baby, sleep.

Mary's Lullaby sheet music


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